Audio/Slides: Barack Obama's first year

The Guardian looks back at the US president's first year in office.

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Audio slideshow (The Guardian) . . .

Audio/Slides: Election 2008

Informative and entertaining summary of the entire campaign.

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The New York Times . . .

Video: Barack Obama's Victory Speech

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The speech (The New York Times) . . .

Video: Inauguration

Millions of people watched Barack Obama become the 44th president of the United States of America in January 2009.

Here is a selection of videos sent in to the BBC News website.

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BBC Video . . .

Video: Witnessing Barack Obama's historic inauguration

Three episodes: The Swearing In - The Parade - The Celebrations

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Video: The Washington Post . . .

Video: Obama is superhero in web video

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BBC Video . . .

Next Step: Yes, We Can!

Obama elected – an introduction to the film
Obama elected (film)


The March on Washington – an introduction to the film
The March on Washington (film)
Martin Luther King: ‘I Have a Dream’ – an introduction to the film


Barack Obama (Copyright: Scanpix)Barack Obama (Copyright: Scanpix)


Here you can watch President Obama’s speech outside the White House on the day he was told he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of 2009. You can also find out how the world reacted on the Yahoo News site,  
or read in-depth commentaries on the award on CNN’s website.