Audio/Slide show: Life along 'La Linea'

A portrait of the complexities of life along the U.S.-Mexico border, which is at the forefront of a growing debate over U.S. immigration and border security reform proposals. 

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Video: War without borders

Everyday Americans help finance both sides of the Mexican drug war through illegal drug use and weapon smuggling.

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Fact Box: Immigration from Mexico

Almost one million legal immigrants come to the United States every year. The southern parts of the USA in particular receive many immigrants, mainly from Mexico. Hispanics (Spanish-speaking people from Latin America) are now the largest minority group in the USA, and the Spanish language is becoming more and more important. In the year 2050 only 50 percent of Americans will be white and about 25 percent Hispanic.

Many Hispanics enter the US illegally, often swimming across the river Rio Grande on the border between Mexico and the USA to avoid the border patrols. These desperate attempts sometimes end in tragedy, and a number of illegal immigrants drown in the Rio Grande every year.