Fact Box: Immigration to the USA

  • Over 900,000 immigrants legally enter the United States each year as lawful permanent residents, refugees, or others fleeing persecution.
  • Immigrants collectively earn $240 billion a year and pay $90 billion a year in taxes-while only receiving $5 billion in welfare.
  • The leading source countries of U.S. immigrants are Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the republics of the former Soviet Union.
  • Nearly three-fourths of all new immigrants intend to reside in California, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois.

Arnold and the American Dream


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I was born in Austria. When I was ten I dreamed about being the best in the world in something. Later I wanted to be the best body-builder in the world. After five years of hard work I became Mr Universe, the best built man in the world.

Winning is very important. Only a few people make it. There are hundreds of thousands who fail. I hold the record as Mr Olympia. I won six times. Nobody even came close. Everybody gave up competing against me. That’s what I call a winner.

As a boy I dreamed about being big in the way that people would listen to hear what I had to say. I also dreamed about being an American. All I knew was that America was a wonderful country. I didn’t like Austria.

I took business classes in high school, economics, accounting and math. 

In 1968, when I was 21, I went to America. Here you can make your dream come true. I learned English and took more business courses. Business is what America is best known for. How to make money and how to keep the money you have made, or how to make even more money. Real estate is the best way. I own apartment buildings, office buildings and land.

I have emotions, but I have always controlled them and kept them cold. This is important to succeed in competitions. Some people believe I am cold and selfish. This is not true. After I win, then I can be Mr Nice Guy.

California is a dreamland. It is a perfect combination of money, show business, wonderful weather and beautiful people.

I believe in always making new dreams. Don’t stay satisfied too long. If you achieve something, find something new to fight for.

Shortcut activity
Choose the right word(s):

a) I was born in Africa/ Austria/Australia.
b) I wanted to be the best make-up artist/ construction worker/ body-builder in the world.
c) After five years of hard work I became Mr Universe/ Mr Muscle/Mr World.
d) I took body-building classes / business classes / ballet classes in high school.
e) Business/ Hard work /Entertainment is what America is best known for.
f) Some people believe I cry easily / have a strong temper / am cold and selfish.
g) I believe in always making more money / new dreams / people believe in themselves.

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