The present tense: Choose the correct form of the verbs given in parentheses.

Paula (are / is / am)  quite exhausted after her first week at work. After she (has / have / haves)  finished her report, all she (wanting / want /wants)  to do (are / am / is)  relax. She (sit / sits / sitting)  back in a comfortable armchair, (puts / put / putt)  her feet on the foot rest, and (reachs / reach / reaches)  for the remote control. However, her mother (have / haves / has)  different plans for the evening. 'Paula!' she (say / says / sais)  as she (come / coming / comes)  in from the kitchen. 'I (want / won’t / wants)  to hear everything about your first week as an apprentice! You simply (has to / have to / had to)  tell us!' Then, to her surprise, her brother and her sister (enter / enters / entering)  the living room. They all (has / have / haves)  cake and biscuits together. Later, Paula (go / going / goes)  to bed thinking, 'I (love / loves / luvs)  my crazy family!'


4a Grammar revision (p. 235)