Programme titles

Yrkesfaglige utdanningsprogrammer = Vocational Education Programmes
Teknikk og industriell produksjon = Programme for Technical and Industrial Production
Elektrofag = Programme for Electricity and Electronics
Bygg- og anleggsteknikk = Programme for Building and Construction
Restaurant- og matfag = Programme for Restaurant and Food Processing
Helse- og sosialfag = Programme for Health and Social Care
Medier og kommunikasjon = Programme for Media and Communication
Naturbruk = Programme for Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry
Service og samferdsel = Programme for Service and Transport
Design- og håndverksfag = Programme for Design, Arts and Crafts


Chapter 7: Working Values

 Choose one of the texts in the chapter to find resources and activities.

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Discussing the Future (activity 6, p. 239) [02:25]
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Measurements [03:29]
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Why Paddy's Not at Work Today [03:29]
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