Getting the Right Job


Two young people, Carolyn from London and Håkon from Norway, tell us about their jobs.

I work as a shop assistant in a perfumery. I have lots of health problems. For example, I often have a cold, and I have contracted bronchitis (bronkitt) and pneumonia (lungebetennelse). I am 27 but I already suffer from back pains.

The reason for all this is that I work on the ground floor and the temperature here is always very low. I am only allowed to wear very thin clothes and high heeled shoes. So I am always cold. But I can't complain to my boss, because I would risk losing my job.

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I am 20 years old and an apprentice carpenter (snekkerlærling). I work for my grandfather's building company. I really like it - he's a fair boss. I enjoy practical work and I like making my own money. Studying is not for me!

Sometimes even I get bored with my job, but most of the time it is great to work outdoors. Office workers envy me when the weather is good.

My goal for the future is to take over my grandfather's firm.



a) Why is Carolyn not very happy about her job?

b) Why is Håkon so happy about his job?