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Find out how an ICT-led project can help to alert pupils to the world of work, as students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College in London follow an "industry trail".

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Mari Working abroad


Hello everybody,
I'm Mari from Trondheim. I work as an au pair in England, because I want to learn more English.

I work for Kerry and Peter Kendall. Kerry is a dentist, and Peter is an accountant. They have two daughters, Helen and Julie. Helen is ten, and Julie is five years old. My job is to take care of the girls. I drive them to school, and I work in the house. I make lunch for the girls, and clean a bit. I have to iron all the laundry.

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The Kendalls live in a village outside Oxford. The house is old, and a bit cold. Sometimes I have a hot-water bottle in my bed.  I have my own room, with a TV set, a DVD, a stereo and a computer. 

I wanted to work in London. There are more things to do in London. But I like it here too. I meet other au pairs sometimes. Some au pairs work harder than I do, and some au pairs really have a good time. I used to have an English boyfriend, but it's over now.

I miss my family in Norway. I have been here for seven months, and I'm going to stay here for three more months. I have learned a lot of English and a lot about English culture. I have also learned a lot about myself. I am Norwegian, but a part of my heart will always stay in England.

Take care,